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One issue we run into quite often is insufficient or undersized return ductwork.  In HVAC it is often thought that your system is simply pumping cold air into the home.  This is only partially true.  During the cooling season, the system is effectively removing heat from the space and the cold air is simply a byproduct of the heat removal process.  Heat is removed as the furnace/air handler fan(blower) draws hot return air through the return ducts and back to the indoor unit where the air can be conditioned.  If your return ducts are undersized, the amount of heat-containing air that is drawn through the system is diminished and system capacity is lowered.  In many instances, this can be remedied with budget-friendly options to increase return airflow.

Another issue we find is that existing HVAC filter size is not sufficient for the system capacity.  This goes back to the insufficient return air issue…when there is not enough surface area of filter material in the airstream, capacity is diminished since the air will be “choked down” by the filter.  On many system replacement jobs, we have found that the application of a 4″ thick media filter can easily and cost-effectively be added to improve and increase return airflow.  These filters increase filter surface area and have the added benefit of being able to use a more robust filter without the airflow loss or “choking down” of air volume.  Further benefits include improved indoor air quality and decreased electricity and gas usage due to your system being able to operate at increased capacity and efficiency.  These filters lower the amount of dust, pollen, VOC’s, and harmful molds that are in your home.

Contact us if you have:

  • Cold or hot rooms in your house, specifically your upper floor
  • High or Low Humidity
  • Noisy vents
  • A system that runs very short or long cycles
  • Concerns with leaky ductwork
  • Concerns with mold in your ducts




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