Heat Pumps

Air Force One Heating and Cooling installs and services all types of heat pump systems.  We can source parts and equipment for all major brands.

What is a heat pump and do you have one??

A heat pump is one of the major types of residential HVAC system found in Northern Virginia.  Quick facts about heat pumps:

  • If you do not have a natural gas furnace, you likely have a heat pump system

  • Heat pump outdoor units look exactly like a typical air conditioner, but internal components are different

  • Heat pumps can be thought of as an air conditioner that has the ability to run backwards, producing both heat AND cool

  • Heat pumps do not burn fossil fuels (directly); they are all-electric systems

  • Oil furnace systems are almost always good candidates to be replaced by heat pumps

  • Newer heat pumps can provide sufficient heat at much lower outside temperatures than older heat pumps

  • The world is going electric and heat pumps are replacing many gas systems on a large scale

  • Heat pumps used to be found only in the south.  Improved technology has brought them further and further north- to us!

If you need to install a heat pump system or service on one,  contact us today for a free estimate!

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