Water Heaters

Water heater lifespan is typically 8-15 years.  That being said, we’ve replaced many that are 25 years old!  While in certain applications, we respect the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” motto, it should not apply to equipment that can potentially cause significant damage to your home, such as a hot water heater.  Contact us if:

  • your hot water smells like sulfur or sewer gas
  • you run out of hot water 
  • your electricity or gas usage is high
  • you think your existing hot water heater is not up to code or is not safe

We offer full-service options when it comes to a water heater, including replacements, installation, service, and maintenance(yes- your water heater requires maintenance).  Types of water heaters we install include standard tank water heaters, high-efficiency water heaters, and tankless.  Whether you have a natural gas water heater, electric water heater, or propane water heater, we are qualified to work on it or replace it.  We are experts in water heater technology so we can maximize your water heater’s ability to run as affordably and dependably as possible.  Let us help you today!

Standard with any water heater installation job, we confirm everything is up to code.  All installations include the following to ensure code compliance and reliability:

  • drain pan

  • new water heater shut-off valve

  • expansion tank

  • replacement of any corroded flu piping or water piping at the heater 

  • 6-year manufacturer warranty; up to 10 year warranty available 

We install professional grade water heaters, as opposed to the consumer grade models you’ll find at the big-box stores.  We have confirmed through years of service that there IS as difference!

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